Today we took a trip up to Lewiston Maine, and while we we there we stopped at a yard sale, a Salvation Army, and the Marden's Offprice. The yard sale was a bust, but the usually stale Salvation Army actually had us needing a cart, and the Marden's was like walking into a time capsule. Last stop was an excellent lunch at the Milton Glaser/Love Boat-typefaced Italian Bakery.

Linda walking towards disappointment


The Salvation Army cart filled with old Ski-Doo helmets and a mint condition Stokke Balans Variable, which used to seem to me the height of nerdyness, but I now see as very sophisticated Scandinavian design.


The Marden's Offprice. Where have these posters been for the past 30 years to suddenly appear here, in a half price bin? (Sorry Loni and Cheryl, we opted for Farrah.)


Pappa Bouna! (what little Italian kids say): The Italian Bakery

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