Willkommen to the Puppenhaus

Having had odd one-of-a-kind handmade dollhouses on the brain since reading Daddytypes' post about the Gerrit Rietveld house, when Linda spotted this "Calif. Modern Doll House" on an auction site we thought we'd query the encyclopediac mind of Daddytypes himself, Greg Allen as to the scoop. If he didn't know anything, we'd assume it was something some Southern Californian dad made his daughter one post-war weekend (or two). But Greg sent word back that this was in fact a Puppenhaus, made in East Germany circa 1960. A quick switch-of-the-gears of our made up provenance had us thinking this was even cooler (colder?). Visit the Puppenhausmuseum for loads of DDR photos. And yes that's a cactus.

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